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My work addresses the many ways we have been separated from the experience of our bodies, the natural world, our aliveness and our most basic inner truth.

My mission is to lead you back to a pure, blissful and simple way of Being through rituals, practice and ancient wisdom. A state of deep and true Self-Love.

Miriam Adler

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Miriam Adler is a teacher, speaker and wellness guide who focuses on bridging the gap between who we think we should be and who we truly are.

She is a vulnerability expert and draws on varied disciplines to guide individuals to live passionate relationships, venture into the unknown, and emerge empowered to live authentically. She has extensive training and experience in breathwork, Kundalini yoga, psychology, Eastern ritual and meditation.

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The Self must know stillness until it can discover it’s true song

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Dearest Miriam,

As I told you in person, no words will come close to expressing my deepest gratitude.  First I want to thank you for manifesting the beautiful La Luna women’s retreat and the concept of Laboratorio.  I would also like to honour the beautiful fairies that you gathered to help in the fruition of this endeavour.  Each one was a beautiful soul in her own right. Each with an immense capacity for compassion and an ability to hold space for healing.  This was truly the first time where I trusted and was able to fully dive into the deepest pain in my soul.  

This past week was a huge rollercoaster ride for us all. Each one of us showed up with an open heart and courage to work through our darkness and surrender with vulnerability in order to step into our light and claim our power as powerful women.  The various rituals and practices created space for expansion and transmuted what no longer serves us. 

I will forever cherish the moments we shared both intimately and in a group setting.  Even though I realize that we only know each other for a very short time, the depth of my love for you as a beautiful soul is immeasurable!!! 

And as I said in the final closing sharing circle.  I walked into this journey with a lot of deep fear and hurt.  With a difficulty to receive and be held.  And I emerged as a strong woman who claimed her power and is walking in her light.  

I will forever cherish this experience and the connections we created. I am excited to plant the seeds given to us this week and see what the road ahead holds...

Toda Neshama yafa sheli (Thank you my beautiful soul) from the depths of my soul.


Hello sweet ones! 
I am opening the sharing circle… you know I love a good share. 😉 It’s a big one, with a happy ending.

I can’t even begin to tell you all of the things that have happened since the retreat! Everything from instant manifestations of very large things, to life changing psychic facials (thanks Brit!!), too completely changing the way I live and doing only whatever the fuck I want. It feels so good. I no longer live with structure, I live with practice. I no longer do what I should, I do what I want. And my self care game is on fire.

Finding all of you women was like finding my sisters. It feels so incredible and heart opening, and so darn scary at the same time. Feeling a kinship with you is very vulnerable for me because my ego is unsure of my identity around women who I can (finally) relate to and I am so excited to overcome this discomfort. And part of that is this share. So thank you. ❤

And…. I also wanted to share that the very first La Luna baby is on its way…. Super early days but wanted to share with you all. (I know it isn’t customary to share so early, but this girl is different. 😉) 

So much love to my sisters.

 The best experience of my life so far! Met incredible and inspiring people! So well organized everything to the detail! Learned so many things that I am going to keep for my everyday life!

When I first arrived I didn’t know what to expect, I was lost and looking for inspiration. Searching for myself and to do something that has meaning for me but also for others. Was so surprised that everything was so organized and on this nice journey we all experienced everyone truly trusted everyone and we all make a life friends that we instantly loved.

I would recommend this retreat 100% to anyone that wants to reconnect with himself , nature, food and people.


Ufff. Where can I start? What an experience! My heart softened, my heart connected and my heart expanded. I met some of the most inspirational women, it’s like I finally found my tribe. I loved all of the workshops and the thought provoking experiences throughout the week. But what brought me the most growth was the conversations in between. Sharing is transformational.

My desire for the last few months was to find women who inspire me. So my hope was that. To connect, to learn and to grow. My intention was to soften, cultivate my feminine and to get in touch with my essence.

I realized after sharing my issues and hearing all of the women share theirs, that we all ultimately want / need to work on ourselves. Be the change we wish to see. To forgive ourselves, to love ourselves, to trust ourselves, and so on. We all want the same thing, a better relationship with ourselves to then inspire those we love and those we don’t even know.

The beauty, the attention to detail to everything from the the team, how knowledgeable the facilitators were and how much fun they had at the same time. I loved how real everyone on the team was, nobody held back, there was no status. We were all the same teaching learning loving. So beautiful!


 Hi Miriam!I wanted to thank you again for everything!I’ve been to  many good detox retreats all over the world, but I still felt empty and full of anger fear and hate inside of me... La Luna retreat is the FIRST retreat that really changed, moved something inside of me.. it put me out of my comfort zone and sometimes ( very often) in uncomfortable situations, since I’m not used to feel love . I have to say. that after leaving Luna retreat and the days that have come after it, i feel different, something feels different inside of me, I don’t know exactly how or why it happened. Everyone at the retreat helped me A LOT in changing my perspective in life.. I choose to “choose”  Love now, instead of hate, fear and anger. I feel like I’m going through a process and I’m liking it because I’m feeling better, way better. By Being grateful and choosing love helped me see the light that life gifts us every day.and I want to thank you for that. Thank you for all the work you are doing and the love you taught us, you taught Me, to feel again.

Thank you Miriam

This week changed my life, I was reconnected back to my self after disconnecting without even realizing to what extent. I entered feeling dull and uninspired with myself and certain areas in my life. We pushed ourselves deeply to connect with our truth and unravel the stories that we tell our self. My experience was one of depth, connection with myself and the beautiful inspiring women I was surrounded and supported by. I had the deepest internal shift and I can now see and appreciate the subtilizes and simplicity that I have been graced with in my life. I learned discipline and structure to maintain a healthy mind, I learned the power of women and myself, the power of slowing down and listening. This week was pure magic, a reminder on how to live my life deeply and fully.


Through gathering and retreating together with 32 women from different countries, I was able to freely express my authenticity by feeling embraced and deeply connected with my “La Luna” tribe during one week at the Sian Kaan Biosphere and Reserve. Throughout our sunrise tea ceremonies, fireside chanting, clay and honey masques, sea water swims and night circles, we rooted our feminine essence, in sacred spaces provided to work on our feminine essence.  I learned the importance of slowing down, reflect, writing, sharing, laughing, crying, embracing my emotions and heal together with my fellow “Luna” sisters.I found pieces of me in the life stories of these courageous women, either through tears, words or laughter during a week long journey where many emotional layers of sadness, grief, shame were shed in order to heal.

Together we meditated, reflected,  learned tools to forgive, to express ourselves, to create, and recreate, to transform and blossom.

On the day we arrived we knew little or nothing about each other, and was hard to embrace each other to say “see you soon” during our last meal together.

I know I will hold this sisterhood tightly in my heart forever.

 I arrived with a silenced voice and feelings of betrayal, and left Sian Kaan knowing and believing in my sacred feminine, my worth, my essence, my magic and my life purpose: Tell and embrace my truth and inner voice always.


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