My mission is to give people the space and tools to learn to listen again, and therefor meet their truest selves without distraction, to find clarity and confidence, so that together we can create a peaceful and harmonious environment for ourselves and generations to come.“

Miriam Adler

Miriam Adler

About Miriam

Miriam Adler is a vulnerability expert. She helps individuals to shed expectations and bridge the gap between who they think they should be and who they really are. She guides her clients to find their own natural equilibrium between competing forces. She is especially skilled at leading people of all genders to embrace the wisdom of the feminine in a world that has privileged masculine energy for too long.

Towards this end, she employs several modalities tailored to the task at hand. She has received specialized training in a wide set of disciplines, each of which offers a piece to the puzzle of releasing shame and fear, achieving vulnerability, and connecting with feminine truth.  Her sessions often focus on issues like anxiety, body image, hormonal balance and sexuality. In them, she employs tools like breathwork, sacred rituals, embodiment practices and meditation.

Miriam has completed advanced coursework in human psychology, Kundalini yoga, breathwork, meditation, and Eastern and indigenous ritual. She provides both individual and group sessions as well as personalized rituals and retreats. She has presented and taught around the world including at Burning Man, Summit, Design Hotels, Further Festival and Treehouse NYC.

I wish for you to be free, courageous enough to peel these layers of numbness, for you to reach out your hand and open your heart. For you not to be afraid to receive love, and finally become yourself.

Miriam Adler

Who are you?


Humboldt University (Berlin, Germany) Coursework in Human Psychology

Institute for Integrative Nutrition – Health Coach Certification

Hari Kaur Khalsa; Master Kundalini Instructor – Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

Krishna Kaur – Y.O.G.A. for Youth Teacher Training

Ashanna Solaris and Dana-Dharma Devi DeLong - Clarity Breathwork Professional Training Program

Wu De, Zen and Tea Master – Cha Dao “the way of tea”

PachaMama Community – Workshops on Ritual and Dance Therapy

S.N. Goenka – Vipassana Meditation Training


Miriam has created special gatherings and taught with Summit, Design Hotels, Burning Man, Om Festival Miami, The Dutchess in New York’s Hudson Valley, Treehouse NYC, Inner Refuge, Nômade Tulum, among many others.

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