Close your eyes. Feel within.
What are you longing for? What do you desire?
How can you learn to listen to yourself and embody the best version of yourself?

Miriam AdlerMiriam Adler

An introduction series for anybody ready to meet themselves

This series is an invitation to go inward and rediscover lost parts of yourself by gently listening. It is the step to beginning a new conversation with yourself.

On my personal path, my greatest teachers have been my own doubt in times of stagnation, fear and insecurity. I learned to pause and go inward during these times of struggle. Turning over my thoughts, reflecting, observing and asking myself questions. Absorbing the wisdom of my teachers, practicing and learning from my own experience. Often the most painful times have led me to the widest doors to myself.

This series is specially designed to empower you to access your own wisdom and find your own truth by reflecting on meaningful questions. Each video starts with a meditation to offer you a new perspective and to connect to your heart. From this open and connected place, you will explore your belief systems, values, desires, hurts and fears. The only way to freedom is to courageously feel and tell our truths.

You will need a diary to fill with messages, contemplations and clarity.

This is the first step to refining your listening, learning to hear all that is unspoken, loosening the grip, and meeting your deepest self with compassion.

Dare to ask the Question.

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With Love, Miriam