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Mission and Value

“Each time we gather in circles with one another, the world heals a little more.”

It is an honor to welcome you to The Circle, a supportive online community where we’ll embark on a journey to discover ancient wisdom, purpose and tender heartedness.

A monthly membership for anybody yearning for a more meaningful life, to feel their bodies, release their fear of intimacy, find softness in their strength and lead with kindness. The mission behind the circle is to transmit sacred knowledge and weave it into your daily practice.

A Community for Strength and Support

Times of rapid growth and transformation can leave us feeling confused and alienated from the lives we lead and women we identified as in the past. These growing pains are so difficult to navigate alone. Likewise, we often set aside special times for growth at retreats or through work with teachers.

We enjoy our newfound practices and community, but we return to our “normal” lives and old habits creep back in. It becomes difficult to hold onto the ideals, practices, and community that nourished us so deeply.

My vision in creating The Circle is to create a community where no one of us ever needs to feel alone or daunted by the travelling the path that lies ahead. It’s about keeping the magic alive among each other so that we can hold on to the things that sustain us even as we face new challenges in everyday life.

A place where you can feel at home and grounded wherever you are in the world.

The Circle is designed to…

Provide you a safe, judgement-free, stable and loving space to support you as you grow in your spiritual practices.

Give you opportunities to create true connections with a deeper level of intimacy.

Expand your knowledge on advanced spiritual practices such as Kundalini, Breathwork, Zen, Shamanism, Integrated Psychology.

Encourage action by giving you monthly resources and prompts to keep you moving forward and spreading your wings of expansion.

Miriam AdlerMiriam Adler

How it works?

When you become a member of The Circle, you’ll have complete access to: The Circle Portal; An online platform where you can find training, resources and live call replays.

The Circle Forum: A members-only private space where we discuss different topics and form lasting friendships.

How will I receive the Lessons?

Advanced training by Miriam focusing on the theme of the month through educational content across a range of engaging formats including written, audio, video and guided home study.

A live, interactive 2-hour coaching session with Miriam each month to answer your questions and guide you on your journey.

Miriam will also be joined by other teachers who are pioneering in the fields of integrated wellness, mindful communication, creative expression, sexuality, relationships and other spiritual practices.

Subscription includes

Two Video Lessons each month

Students have access to an extensive library of video lessons with Miriam Adler and other teachers who are pioneering in the fields of  integrated wellness, mindful communication, creative expression, sexuality, relationships and holistic health.

Each month, two new lessons are added!

Guided Home Study

Guided home study accompanies many of the lessons in the Circle. Study includes journaling questions, activities and actions to take that will lead to deeper connection, intimacy and balance.

Monthly Practices

Enjoy guided meditations and rituals that encourage you to connect with your body, mind and spirit and will help you to sustain your daily practice.

Global Community

Be part of a global community through a private Circle forum and monthly Live Calls, where we will share our experiences and inspire each other.

What We Will Explore Together?

“Each time we gather in circles with one another, the world heals a little more.”

In The Circle, we dive deep into practices, rituals, and self-psychology centering on a different theme each month. The topics will change, but you can be sure that they’ll always be relatable and interesting, with themes like:











Is the Circle right for me?

If you’ve been feeling alone (and maybe a little lost) on your spiritual journey . . .

If you’ve been traveling or working so much that you’ve lost your anchor . . .

If you’re craving connection with other women who “get” it and are living it . . .

If you’re longing to put into practice the things that you’ve learned at your last retreat . . .

If you’re yearning to be present and trust our intuition, letting go of stress and mental ruminations to prioritize what’s most important in your life.

Then I’d like to invite you to apply to The Circle.

Registration and Next Steps

Because this is a unique and sacred community, I want to make sure that this is the right fit for you and the community. Don’t worry, you don’t have to jump through hoops… it’s just 3 simple steps:

1) Complete the application.

2) Make your deposit of 111$; this is your commitment fee to say you are serious about being in!

3) Within 48-hours, you’ll hear from me.

Please note, membership is exclusively for those who have worked with me previously (either taken a course, worked with me 1:1, attended a retreat, or one of my workshops).

If you’d love to join The Circle but haven’t worked with me yet, check out (WHO ARE YOU INTRO SERIES), which helps you take the first step towards meeting yourself.

With Love, Miriam.