La Luna: Breath And Sound School

Pyrenees, Spain
May 22nd - 29th, 2022

The Experience

Are you ready to step into your truth and be of service?

The Breath and Sound Training is held within the grounding force of the majestic mountains of Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park in Spain, the perfect setting to embark on a deep mystical Journey into Breath and Sound.
Miriam will be sharing her expertise in breathwork and knowledge in holding sacred space for you to become a “Luna Breath & Sound” Practitioner.  In collaboration with Valentina Mesa, sound alchemist, you will also be introduced to the magic world of sound, voice and frequency.

Moving from practicing Breathwork into becoming a Practitioner is an incredible and empowering life experience.
It means that you will own your unique practice and learn the tools to share this transformational process with your loved ones and people around you.
This is how we can truly touch our communities and create a long-lasting change.

We will work with the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of the self; from unlocking trauma in the body to understanding the limiting beliefs of the mind, to finding our higher purpose in life. It is a truly transformational program, and it will change you.

This special training is not only about learning how to facilitate breathwork – It is for you to unlock your gifts and find the courage to share them with the world.


Welcome to Casa Cuadrau

CASA CUADRAU is a true magic house located in a majestic corner of the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park, within the Sobrarb-Pyrenees Geopark.

The environment is one of the most biodiverse in Europe. Located on an elevated and open valley surrounded by beautiful mountains wherever you look, it is found in a very small village called Vió.


Dates:  May 2022 - dates will be shared soon
Group: Limited to 14 humans
Location: Casa Cuadrau, Pyrenees
Airport: Barcelona
Price: starting at $ 4850

The Elements


Ground & Center

Zen & Tea
Calligraphy Yoga
Plant-Based Cuisine


Sensuality & Vitality

Sacred Sexuality
Womb & Cycle
Arts & Crafts


Ignite & Manifest

Conscious Communication
Opening of Voice


Expand & Connect

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
Ceremonial Work & Rituals
Alchemy of Sound I Sound Meditation
Art & Craft Workshops

Miriam’s Personal Experience

“Breathwork played a massive role on my own healing journey and has truly changed my life.

I used to have immense difficulties opening up and being vulnerable, hiding behind my mask of perfection. I felt really lost in who I was underneath all the noise and expectations, and what I wanted to contribute to this world.

Discovering Breathwork has unlocked many doors for me: My truth, my heart, my tenderness, feeling deeply, connection to spirit and a hell lot of family healing. It was like the Breath was melting my armor.

It has initiated me to living life deeper in truth, love and trust.

Sharing Breath Ceremonies for many years around the world, has been an absolute gift.

Watching humans overcoming feelings of inadequacy, shame, guilt, fear, reconnecting to their essence, their innocence and the love within their hearts, is beyond words. I’m so grateful to be on this mission of seeding love and truth and excited to be watching you unfold your wings”

Master Suite with Ocean view
+ Ensuite Bathroom

$4200 per person
1 Kingsize bed(15% Discount each for 2 Friends sharing)

Canopy Suite with Jungle View + Ensuite Bathroom

$3,750 per person
2 Queensize Bed

Tucan Suite with Jungle View + Ensuite Bathroom

$3,750 per person
2 Queensize Bed

Seashell Deluxe Room with Independent Entrance + Ensuite Bathroom

$3,900 per person
1 Queensize Bed

Mariposa Bell Tents

Shared Tent $2,900 per person+ Comfortable shared bathrooms and showers

Room types

Brahmanda Suite with Pyrenees view + Ensuite Bathroom &  Private Terrace

Spectacular view to the Pyrenees, where guests can enjoy a relaxing bath in its bathtub and resting in its spacious terrace.

1 Queen size bed and wooden sofa

$ 5550 per person
If friends sharing or couple, $ 5222 per

Surya Private Room
+ Ensuite Bathroom

Surya means sun, it is a spacious and bright room, with its own relaxing area with a sofa

1 Double bed

$ 5420 per person

Chandra Room
+ Ensuite Bathroom

Chandra means moon, it is a room made with wooden walls and floors, very cozy.

2 individual beds

$ 5040 per person

Bhumi Room
+ Ensuite Bathroom

Bhumi means earth, it is a room made with wooden headboard and floors, very cozy.

2 individual beds

$ 5040 per person

Mezzanine Beds Shared Room

with comfortable shared bathrooms, each student has its own wardrobe

3 mezzanine beds per room

$ 4850 per person

The price includes

8 days, 7 nights at Casa Cuadrau

Luna Breath & Sound Practitioner training

-         Daily plant-based meals made with fresh and seasonal products

Daily meditation and embodiment sessions

Ceremonies & Workshops

Mountain Hikes


Is this training only forwomen?

This training is for both Men and Women.

Do I need to be experienced?

Whether you are already a practitioner or fairly new in this field, we will meet you where you are at.
Most important is your commitment and devotion to wanting to expand, open your mind and heart and be curious.

I’m afraid it is a large investment?

This training is a VIP experience; it is tailored to a small and intimate group of students so that we can give you a hands-on approach to becoming a practitioner and developing a life-time skill for your personal journey.

I’m not able to afford the training?

We are offering a payment plan.
50% Upfront, followed by 2 x Installments of 25%.
Please contact:


Transportation is not included in the price, but we offer a shuttle service from Barcelona.


Please complete the questionnaire so that we can learn about you and ensure that we form a committed and resonant group of humans.

Next Step


“Through her magic Miriam helped me to connect with myself. Not much effort and not many words needed and I found myself sitting there feeling and speak my truth...She gave me the experience to touch my essence. From the deepest of my heart I am thankful for the beauty Miriam is creating. She reminded me that life is made to experience and not to control and that there is an inner flame within me which I can call today purpose. I am looking forward to working with her soon again.”

- Anastasia

“Knowing Miriam for a long time - I am so proud to see what she has done, not only in the space, but the energy, caring and true love that she brings to her space and her work. Miriam is wise beyond her years that she brings to her work. I love that there is nothing which can’t be said, she is open, trustworthy and that really shaped my experience in this training, be able to be free and really let go.”

- Charlotte

“Wow!!! Seriously Wow. I find it difficult to articulate save for saying this experience was no doubt magic. I feel free, empowered and deeply connected. I’m clear and moving forward with purposeful action. Thank you for creating this magic school.”

- Anonym

“Miriam is a true living angel. From the moment I met her, I could feel a powerful sense of serenity and pure love that came from the softness of her heart, allowing me to open up to her with confidence and security right away.
Practicing Breathwork, learning Breathwork with her, the experience has been life changing for me.
As my emotions, memories and unconscious thoughts have bubbles up to the surface, I have gained deeper knowledge and understanding about the person I am.
With this insight, I have also acquired plenty of clarity, which has lightened up the path that will be walked by the woman I aspire to become.”

- Elena