25th – 28th May 2021

A long weekend for women seeking balance and to establish a sacred practice in their lives.

A long weekend for women looking for balance and to establish a sacred practice in their lives

Vegan Cuisine

Balance for the sacred Feminine

Awareness is a state of presence and exploration. We gather to create moments that make the heart flutter; moments of truth, authenticity and courage.

When we try to make sense of the world, we are often drawn to forces in opposition:  good and evil, dark and light, North and South, male and female. This helps us to wrap our heads around complexity. It simplifies the world so that we can comprehend it. But, as humans, we thrive in nuance. We yearn for equilibrium -- when the forces that surround and impact us are in a harmonious state. Extremes never serve us well; rather, there is something to be learned from both sides of the poles. It is in finding the nuance of all situations that we are best able to grow.

Towards this end, I employ a number of modalities tailored to the task at hand. I have sought out and trained in varied disciplines that each offers us a piece to the puzzle of means of releasing shame and fear, achieving vulnerability, and connecting with feminine truth.

You can expect to experience breathwork, sacred rituals, embodiment practices and meditation. Embrace softness, grace and harmony. Come to know the wisdom of the feminine. Quiet the distractions in order to hear you. Don’t wait for the world you want to live in: create it now.

Welcome to the magic of Formentera

Can 7

A rare opportunity to experience the Can 7 art residency. Located directly on the dreamy white sand beach Playa de Migjorn in Formentera, Can 7 will set the scene for a magical weekend with its rustic, nomadic, desert chic design. The incredible Chef Aliwalu Caparro will nourish us with her healthful, playful vegan cuisine.


3 nights
3 vegan meals + snack per day
Daily Rituals
Embodiment Practices

Formentera Retreat by Miriam Adler at Can7

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We want to make sure that the group will resonate with each other and everybody is ready to fully commit to themselves and each other.

There is a fee of $88 to reserve your spot, which is fully refundable in case you decide not to participate in the retreat.

This is an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of Formentera and form a powerful Sisterhood.

With Love, Miriam.