24th – 27th June 2021

A long weekend for women seeking balance and to establish a sacred practice in their lives.

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A long weekend for women looking for balance and to establish a sacred practice in their lives

Vegan Cuisine

Balance for the sacred Feminine

Awareness is a state of presence and exploration. We gather to create moments that make the heart flutter; moments of truth, authenticity and courage.

When we try to make sense of the world, we are often drawn to forces in opposition:  good and evil, dark and light, North and South, male and female. This helps us to wrap our heads around complexity. It simplifies the world so that we can comprehend it. But, as humans, we thrive in nuance. We yearn for equilibrium -- when the forces that surround and impact us are in a harmonious state. Extremes never serve us well; rather, there is something to be learned from both sides of the poles. It is in finding the nuance of all situations that we are best able to grow.

Towards this end, I employ a number of modalities tailored to the task at hand. I have sought out and trained in varied disciplines that each offers us a piece to the puzzle of means of releasing shame and fear, achieving vulnerability, and connecting with feminine truth.

You can expect to experience breathwork, sacred rituals, embodiment practices and meditation. Embrace softness, grace and harmony. Come to know the wisdom of the feminine. Quiet the distractions in order to hear you. Don’t wait for the world you want to live in: create it now.

Welcome to the magic of Formentera

Can 7

A rare opportunity to experience the Can 7 art residency. Located directly on the dreamy white sand beach Playa de Migjorn in Formentera, Can 7 will set the scene for a magical weekend with its rustic, nomadic, desert chic design.


3 nights
3 vegan meals + snack per day
Daily Rituals
Embodiment Practices

Formentera Retreat by Miriam Adler at Can7

Room Options

Formentera Retreat by Miriam Adler

Room 1

1 Queen Bed
Single Occupany

Price: €1600

Room 2

2 King Beds
Double Occupancy

Price: €1500
Formentera Retreat by Miriam Adler
Formentera Retreat by Miriam Adler

Room 3

2 Twins and 1 Full bed
Tripple Occupancy

Price: €1200


"Being part of La Luna has been truly life changing. Sharing sacred space with so many beautiful women who have been courageous enough to step into their power, heal, learn, and grow together has been nothing short of incredible. I feel I have experienced what we all have and will continue to manifest for ourselves, which is living in our truth.

I have learned so much just by being present through everyone’s breakthroughs. This showed me the importance of seeing ourselves as reflections of the whole. Containers like these are needed more and more nowadays in the world.There is so much value offered in La Luna and it is felt truly. So much work and so much love came together, curated by amazing women, to remind us what we already know. To empower us, to nurture, and to hold us. To help us walk home. Thank you is not enough. I offer a lifetime of gratitude.

La Luna family, you feel like home."

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this beautiful container of truth, beauty and love for me to embrace my shadow, to go deep inside, and emerge from the underworld.The work and healing we did in the Temazcal and Ho'oponopono ceremonies will stay with me for a lifetime.

I will call upon the strength of the Jaguar that I found there and the warmth of my sisters as I lead with love and trust myself and others. I surrender to the beauty and magic of our sacred universe.I will ground myself each morning as I ceremonially enjoy my tea. Gracias y te amo!”

"When I arrived in this beautiful space, I was completely lost in my confused mind. I was stuck, doubting all my thoughts, and scared to take action. I asked for clarity, forgiveness, and to let go of all my fears. This experience has given me so much.

Now I have really strong tools to ground myself. I learned to listen to my heart and to connect with my soul. To protect my womb and trust my intuition.

I can’t express enough how grateful I am to my teachers - Miriam, Sara, Bibi, Alice, Aimee, Anastasiya, and Valentina. You are Gems!!! "

“Wow, wow, wow is my feeling about this week. The La Luna Family has created such a safe and magical space for women to heal, grow, open, expand, and know themselves at a greater level.

I fell in love with myself on this retreat. My heart was cracked open and light filled all the forgotten parts of my being. Every detail was curated with love. Every moment was more extraordinary than the last and the women became my family.I am eternally grateful for the time and this family. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“The La Luna experience greatly impacted me in so many ways. It was so powerful watching every woman open up and unravel layers. I felt safe, held, and trusting of myself and the women around me.

The Ho'oponopono meditation had a great impact on me in being able to forgive myself and others in my life. The simple, silly moments impacted me greatly, reminding me to be playful, light, and happy even when doing deep work. During the Temazcal, the experience of us all holding each other up and uniting as a group of strong, powerful women was a highlight of my time in La Luna Retreat.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you from my heart. I love you."

“I came here to find community and like-minded people.

I found sisters, cheerleaders, teachers, support, mirrors, and even better I found myself. I found my power!

I‘m so excited to continue my journey with these new tools with this powerful group of women supporting me. I can’t wait to see how we change the world!

Some moments that stand out are the breathwork with Miriam where I saw the energy in my hands for the first time. I was told again to write my story, having often had the instinct to use the power and energy to heal and help others.

In my first Kundalini class with Sara, I dealt with anger around losing my fatherland. This was supported and embraced by Alice where I was pushed through with her music and energy.

The class with Bibi got me so excited to share and also spend more time alone. The gong bath and sound healing with Valentina took me to another dimension. The tea ceremonies told me the value of stillness in the morning. Dancing the 5 rhythms took me to a place of healing and visualization that I have needed for many years. Temazcal taught me that I am strong and it doesn’t have to be hard.

Every conversation was exactly what I needed to hear at the exactly the right  moment.

This environment is truly magic. I am so grateful to have been a part of it."

“Wow! Seriously, wow. The experience you curated was undoubtedly magic. Thank you for creating this magic school.

The rituals were such a great reminder that all is sacred. Some of my most soulful moments came from rising with the sun, tea, breathwork, dance, Ho‘oponopono Meditation, and Temazcal.

I feel free, empowered, and deeply connected. I am clear and moving forward with purposeful action. Thank you teachers for the cosmic dance together in this sacred land. I am humbled to be part of this collective. I am grateful for the team that took such great care of us.

I feel cracked open and full of Mayan light.

I‘ll see you all soon in the cosmos.”

“I arrived with the expectation to connect to my feminine and unfurl a little bit more without even really knowing what that meant. Throughout the first day, I realized how stiff and blocked I am due to thoughts of shame and fear. I had never realized this so clearly before. Being in the beautiful nature of Sian Kaan and using the practices of Kundalini, Breath Work, and Tantra helped me to shift my protective shield and come closer to my essence.

This retreat reminded me of visions and goals that I have and that it’s okay to be willing to change the world. Spending my time with 30 women, I finally understood that to be in my power does not mean to dominate others. After one week at La Luna Retreat, I ́truly found my way to my authenticity and discovered how much love, acceptance, and joy I can receive in return. Back home, I received more positive feedback than ever before. I hear from people that they feel a big difference and see me bloom.

From the deepest of my heart, I am grateful for this beautiful experience and I am looking forward to coming back soon.”

“This week changed my life. I was reconnected back to myself after disconnecting without even realizing to what extent. I entered feeling dull and uninspired by myself and certain areas in my life. We pushed ourselves deeply to connect with our truth and unravel the stories that we tell ourselves.

My experience was one of depth and connection with myself and the beautiful inspiring women I was surrounded and supported by. I had the deepest internal shift and can now see and appreciate the subtleties and simplicity that I have been graced with in my life.

I learned discipline and structure to maintain a healthy mind. I learned the power of women and myself as well as the power of slowing down and listening. This week was pure magic -- a reminder of how to live my life deeply and fully.”

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