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My mission is to give people the space and tools to learn to listen again, and therefor meet their truest selves without distraction, to find clarity and confidence, so that together we can create a peaceful and harmonious environment for ourselves and generations to come.
Miriam Adler

A Journey into Sensual Embodiment

Learn to live by the Voice of your Heart

This is an exclusive program geared towards 1:1 clients who are looking for individualized attention in order to achieve a deeper level of transformation.

Are you longing to nurture yourself, to move out of numbness and into feeling, to awaken your sensuality and ways to express yourself freely? Do you desire to connect to your feminine, finally love and accept your body, and develop your own rituals and practice?

Our journey begins within ourselves, to make room and free layers of past memories and belief systems, to simply become more aware and honest with ourselves to then be able to consciously choose our new reality.

Are you ready?


Why a 3 month container?

In the process of undergoing a deeply transformational process, a key element in the mix is receiving outside guidance as we are shifting the color of our lenses; someone to help empower and encourage us in tapping into our innate sacred wisdom. Having experienced my own perplexities and hardships in which I had worn a mask to hide anxiety over my body dysmorphia as I’d been growing into womanhood with the dark lens that social media casts as the “perfect” female both physically and mentally.

For years I was hiding my soul from the light of my own inner truth; hiding my shame to be truly vulnerable. My process in emerging from this darkness had taken 10 years, deciding to delve into psychology and nutrition, eastern philosophies and embodiment practices. This process has elevated me to be able to bridge my own experience,  the mind and the body.

Growth, authentic growth, takes time. This is why I offer a 3 month container. All good things in life require patience, dedication and nurturing. Ingrained in us so deeply is that our habits are quick to pick up yet difficult to let go of.  So naturally, shifting perspectives, lifestyle and inner dialogue takes time. As one begin’s this journey it can feel more comfortable to revert to past habits and thought-patterns, which is why I remain with you for this timespan to help you stay accountable and inspired for long lasting change. Change begins with small adjustments- it is not a grand and overpowering step. Rather, it’s more precise and smaller movements towards your goals.

Through my work, I assist in helping to create sacred space for those whom are looking to break free of their self-made shackles, to reconnect with their innermost self, to rediscover their self-love and how to elevate others in their lives as they elevate themselves.

Signature Journey System

R – Reflect

The first part of a signature evaluation process that guides her clients on how to get in touch with themselves, reflecting on their desires, needs, and creating a vision of the person they want to be.

I – Identify

The second part of a signature evaluation process that helps her clients identify the obstacles that are constraining them (e.g., beliefs, habits, relationships, etc.) and what it is costing them by holding onto those obstacles.

S – Shaping Self

A “done with you” plan where Miriam teaches her clients how to connect to their body, releasing the old memories/patterns that do not benefit them, remove old obstructions and beliefs, and tapping into the appropriate ceremonies and rituals that will help imbue new habits into transformational daily practice (e.g., prayer, meditation, movement, breath, nutrition, conscious wellbeing).

E – Evolve

Miriam then assists her clients in implementing their plan, guiding them through their transformational journey, going deeper into the layers of self in order to find true forgiveness, love and power.

Miriam Adler

Your Journey Into Sensual Living

Miriam’s expert knowledge, years of experience, passion for bringing true healing and awakening to her students, and her natural gift to create meaningful sacred connections allows her to provide targeted training and mentorship via her signature programs.

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